St. Agatha Academy has a required uniform that all students in grades Pre-K – 8th must wear during the school day unless the Principal has declared an exception for a particular day or event. The policy attempts to indicate what the student is permitted to wear. If the policy does not indicate something is permitted, assume it is not.
Due to the challenge to find small clothes in uniform styles below for pre-K (3 and 4 year olds) flexibility is given to families with students at this grade level.

Boys and Girls


Montessori – 5th

Polo Style-Knit, Jersey, or Pique

Short or Long Sleeve

White or light blue

Long Sleeve

White or light blue

Peter Pan collar (girls)
Short or Long Sleeve


Middle School (6-8)

Polo Style-Knit, Jersey, or Pique

Short or Long Sleeve

White, Navy, Royal/Cobalt Blue or Red

Long Sleeve

White, Navy, Royal/Cobalt Blue or Red

Student may wear white undershirts with no lettering or logos showing through their uniform shirts.
A long sleeve shirt may not be worn underneath a short sleeved shirt

*All shirts must have SAA logo



Navy flat front, pleated front, or pull-on for Montessori – 2nd grade (No belt required for Montessori – 2nd graders)

Middle School (6-8)

Khaki (no more than 2 inches above knee), flat front or pleated Slacks

Uniform pants are plain in style and cut and avoid the latest trends in clothing.
No decorative or external stitching or brand logos on pants
No patch pockets, flared legs, low riders, Capri or cropped style
No cargo pants

Shorts may be worn until Thanksgiving Break and again after Spring Break.


Montessori – 5th

Navy or plaid (style #55) uniform skort

Middle School (6-8)

Khaki or uniform skort

(Purchased from Land’s End)
Between Thanksgiving break and spring break, tights must be worn with skorts.



Drop waist plaid jumper or skirt
Plaid #55 or Navy (Purchased from Land’s End)

Plaid jumpers do not have to have SAA Logo
*Shorts must be worn underneath jumpers

Sweater or Vest


Long sleeve v-neck, vest, or v-neck button-up cardigan Navy

Middle School (6-8)

Long sleeve v-neck, vest, or v-neck button-up cardigan Navy

*All sweaters must have SAA logo



Crew-neck with collared school shirt worn underneath Navy

Middle School (6-8)

Crew-neck with collared school shirt worn underneath Navy or Royal (new)

*All sweatshirts must have SAA logo


Navy or white crew or ankle socks (low cuts are allowed, but must be visible)


Montessori – 5th

White, navy

Middle School (6-8)

White, navy, regular skin color


Closed heel and toe shoes (e.g. sneakers)

Sneakers are the shoe of choice

No backless shoes, sandals, or crocs

No Boots (Boys or Girls)


3rd grade – 8th grade only

Blue, black, or brown


Montessori – 5th


Middle School (6-8)

Natural look – minimal and modest


Overbearing jewelry would include, but is not limited to dangling earrings, excessive amounts of bracelets/necklaces/rings. Students shall wear no more than 1 bracelet, and earrings should be post-style, and may not hang down below the earlobes. Necklaces shall be simple and small (i.e. A small cross or medal on chain). Jewelry shall not be distracting. Boys may not wear earrings. Visible piercings, other than girl’s ears, are not permitted.


No extreme hair styles or colors are permitted. No dying or bleaching of the hair is permitted. Hair styles shall be a natural and conservative style that does not cover the student’s eyes. Boys’ hair should be of an even and clean cut, above the ears, off the collar, and well groomed.

School Mass Day

All students are required to wear a white shirt on mass day. In the winter, a white shirt with navy sweater or sweater vest, or navy blue sweatshirt, is permitted.


If the student arrives to school out of uniform or in violation of the uniform code the following steps will be taken:

On the first and second offense, a call will be made to the parent asking them to bring in the appropriate items. If the parent cannot bring the item to school, the school will provide (from the used uniform exchange) the appropriate clothing.

On the third instance of a uniform violation, a 1 hour working detention will be issued.

If the violation is in regard to overbearing or excessive jewelry, the student will be expected to remove the jewelry, and turn it in to the principal. The principal will keep the jewelry until a parent is available to pick it up or until the end of the day.

SAA Logos

Families with plain shirts and blouses with no logo may have them embroidered at All-Star Sports , or Winchester Cleaners, both on the By-pass in Winchester.

New items with SAA logos may be purchased through the School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfinger online store.

Jeans/Out of Uniform-Day Policy

Snow/rain-boots may be worn to the building, but students must change into sneakers or regular shoes once they arrive in the school building. No boots.

Students may wear non-uniform sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts, or SAA team sponsored warm-up gear.

All tops must be appropriate for school. Both collared and collarless tops are acceptable. Tops may have a sport logo or positive and appealing message.

Shirts or sweatshirts with rock or rap artists/groups are not permitted.

No tank tops, sleeveless, backless or tight-fitting shirts will be permitted.

On Jeans/Out of Uniform Days, students may wear jeans or pants (no spandex pants, leggings, or legging-type jeans). No torn, ripped or holes in pants or shirts will be allowed. Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Spandex shorts are not permitted.

As always, socks must be worn with shoes and sneakers. No clogs, flip-flops, crocs, or sandals are permitted. ** If the student has PE on an out-of-uniform day, he/she must wear sneakers.

Hats, caps, and hoods may not be worn inside the school building.

Note: All Jeans Days, Spirit-Days, or Out-of-Uniform Days are optional. Students are permitted to wear a school uniform on any out-of-uniform day.