5th Grade Supply List 2023
5th Grade Summer Reading List 2023

At St. Agatha Academy, 5th Grade culminates the grammar portion of the trivium and transitions into logic. The foundation of grammar is the ability to capture thoughts and ideas using language. Students will learn life-long skills such as organization and note-taking as well as how to navigate the process of writing.

The American year provides a board survey of significant eras, events, and figures from pre-Columbian times through the end of World War II. Students will read and recite poetry and speeches from a range of eras and analyze primary sources. Historical documents, events, and people inspire student-made art and written works.

Students will read and discuss great works of literature with themes of American History. These texts help to develop a deeper appreciation of historical periods. Together, we will explore aspects of literature such as character, plot, theme, and conflict.

The 5th-grade spelling course systematically introduces phonograms and rules explaining how and why English words are spelled in a particular manner. Students will learn how to build words into phrases and sentences, thereby developing the tools needed to decode, spell, and write.

The purpose of Latin class is to train the mind in concentration, focus, memory as well as the ability to analyze, deduce, and problem-solve. Learning Latin builds character when it comes to observation, attention to detail, diligence, and perseverance. Students will learn to apply vocabulary and grammar in Latin syntax.

Religion class provides a solid understanding of God and His Church through the study of the Creed we profess. The course will distinguish truths of our faith from errors that lead away from the love of God. Through the examples of holy men and women, students will explore dedicating one’s life to Christ.

Science class introduces the tools and methods scientists use and provides a broad overview of physical science, life science, earth science, and technology. In this class, students will learn about several important scientists who made major contributions to their field.

The study of Mathematics gives 5th-graders foundational knowledge for pre-algebra. Students will engage with concepts and methods for effectively solving a variety of math problems. They will develop basic fact fluency, algebraic thinking, and number sense.