2023 Second Grade Supply List

Second Grade Summer Readling List

Second graders will find themselves in Ancient Rome. From the founding of Rome until the fall of the western empire, we will immerse ourselves in learning and delighting in this historical time period. History will become a reference point for many of the areas we study.

Religion class includes learning of Jesus’s miracles, reading the parables Jesus used to teach His disciples, learning prayers, and preparing for the sacraments of reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. The birth of Jesus, His ministry, and the lives of the earliest Church fathers all fall within our historical time period. We will learn about Rome and the early Christians as we progress.

Literature will include wonderful novels that we will read together and study, as well as beautiful poetry we will read, memorize, and recite throughout the year. Novels for the second grade year will include Charlotte’s Web, Little House in the Big Woods, and I Survived: The Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79. Our poetry will come from Emily Dickinson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Alfred Lord Tennyson and many more. (Even a little Shakespeare)

Grammar and spelling are a major focus in second grade. We will use Shurley English to learn about and dissect sentences. There will be short songs to help students remember each part of speech and practice exercises in class as a group and independently. Spelling will cross all areas of our day. While there will not be a formal test, the students will have daily accountability in spelling as well as new words each week to use in their writing.

Latin will tie together many areas we study, from history to spelling and even math. We will use a variety of Latin resources, but the students will quickly find Latin in our religion prayers, math vocabulary with Latin roots, and our science vocabulary in nature studies.

Our math studies will come from Everyday Math and Simple Solutions along with concentrating on memorizing math facts and strategies for long addition and subtraction.