A Painting of St. Agatha Academy

A Vibrant Learning Community, Anchored in Christ Since 1919

St. Agatha has an enrollment of 145 students. Our faculty boasts many years of experience and minimal turnover. We have 12 full time certified teachers, and three part-time faculty for the areas of library, music, physical education, and computer applications.

Mission & Values


The members of the Saint Agatha Academy community form a partnership providing a strong academic, Catholic education for the children of the parish and community. Central to the purpose of our school is a genuine desire to develop the whole child academically and spiritually. A Catholic school provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our children’s relationship with Christ in all that they say and do. Vibrant learning experiences begin with the strong academic curriculum, which provides knowledge and confidence. Personal growth is fostered so that each member of the learning community has opportunities to reach their optimum potential. Ultimately, we desire our students to have the self-discipline and conviction to become leaders who make the world a better place.
Our vision is that with the assistance of the Pastor and the parish we will continue the quality education that has been a consistent hallmark of Saint Agatha Academy. Together we can make a difference in the world that is in desperate need of Christians committed to the values and ideals of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Goals – Guiding Principles

Saint Agatha Academy will:

  • Emphasize the dignity and worth of each individual through Christian giving and caring.
  • Shape the learning environment to the child’s needs and abilities thus promoting self-worth, self-reliance and self-discipline, attaining success to the child’s highest potential.
  • Give a thorough introduction to basic truths of the Catholic faith that will enable the child to understand and live out his/her faith as a way of life.
    Provide an outstanding academic curriculum based on state and diocesan guidelines and assessment, where the principles of good stewardship will guide the learning experience.
  • Direct each student to accept responsibility for their behavior and thus grow to be spiritually mature persons.
  • Awaken student to global awareness and teach them to love and respect people different from themselves.