January 31, 2015 @ 4:30 pm
Rainbow Bingo
4449 Rockwell Road
Winchester, KY 40391
Each SAA family is assigned to cover one bingo date per year.
Families are assigned their specific bingo date at the Opening-of-School Parent Orientation in August.
If you forgot your assigned date, please call Mrs. Gilbert at 744-6484.
Only one person from each family is needed for shift. 

Rainbow Bingo Hall

4449 Rockwell Rd,  Winchester

  Shift Check-In

4:30 pm – New and Experienced Volunteer Pull-tab Training

Prompt Start Time:  Please arrive prior to 5:00.

 Pull-tab shifts usually end by 9:30 pm, and include shift-breaks with free concessions for pull-tab volunteers.

   * Please be sure your shift is covered!  We do not have last minute replacements, and we must have 6 individuals for our monthly pull-tab shift for the Knights of Columbus.

 Thank you SAA families!